Slaty-backed Gull at the Johnson Creek Landfill in Jefferson County Wisconsin on January 7, 2016

I went out this morning to the Johnson Creek Landfill in hopes to see the Slaty-backed Gull that was reported by Tom W yesterday, nice find Tom and thanks for getting the word out! The exact location is a frozen pond on Waldmann Lane just west of the landfill. I had not been out there for about 3 weeks so I was due. I arrived around 9 am and looked the gulls over well on the ice. About an hour later Ted K showed up and we continued to look through all the gulls coming and going. After a while I spotted what I thought was the Slaty-backed Gull and we looked it over well, that it was. After about 30 minutes it took to the air and towards the landfill area. The images are rough, distant shots, this bird was at least 3/4 of the way across to frozen pond. Images show the “string of pearls” on the wings. Not a life bird as I got the one that was here on December 22, 2012. I fun couple of hours on a gloomy day. Other gulls to note that were present (3) Lesser Black-backed Gull and (2) Glaucous Gulls. Images were taken on January 7, 2016.


Slaty-backed Gull

Binomial name: Larus schistisagus

Category: Gulls, Tern. and Skimmers

Size: 25” long, 58” wing span

Weight: 3.0 lb

Note: An Asian gull that is considered a rare breeder on the west coast of Alaska and is a very rare visitor to North America.












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3 Responses to Slaty-backed Gull at the Johnson Creek Landfill in Jefferson County Wisconsin on January 7, 2016

  1. Nan Wisherd says:

    What a gorgeous gull. Great photos, Jim, and thanks for sharing!

  2. Tom Wood says:

    Nice job, Jim! This is exactly what we needed to see on this bird. The very broad white trailing bar on the secondaries and the distinct white subterminal spots help clinch the identification. I doubt the records committee would accept this bird without your photo documentation.
    You are doing well with gulls this year- both Ivory and Slaty-backed. Wow!
    Thanks for continuing to share your wonderful work with all of us.

  3. Annie says:

    Nice gull with your great pictures. Thanks again, Jim

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